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Work function analysis system

Consisting of piezoelectric driven
Kelvin Probe and Kelvin Control 07


Work function measurements provide valuable information on the physical, chemical, electronically and structural
state of surfaces. Many different investigation methods have been developed in the past *.

The Kelvin Probe method however, proved to be the most advantageous and versatile one. The method is sensitive and absolutely non disturbing the surface state of the specimen.
It is based on measuring the
Contact Potential Difference (CPD) between the sample and a reference electrode.

Our work function analysis system consists of the
Kelvin Probe S, which can be installed easily in any
experimental chamber, and the Kelvin Control 07, which
drives the Kelvin Probe and measures the contact potential difference.

The Kelvin Probe S and Kelvin Probe S compact features are high sensitivity, small demensions and easy handling. The installation is extremely simple and flexible and in any position possible.
Operation in various environments and in a wide temperature range renders many fields of application.

The Kelvin Probe S compact is developed for customers who prefer smaller dimensions.
All features and advantages of this version are identical with the Kelvin Probe S.

The Kelvin Control 07 electronics includes all components needed for sensitive fast response and low noise CPD mea-surements. The combination of electronics for Kelvin Probe
drive and signal processing in one unit offers an easy and uncomplicated operation. Usual problems like tuning, frequency drift and unstable signal-phase relations are eliminated. CPD changes can be registered continuously in calibrated units.
For registration of the Contact Potential Difference you need in addition:
Voltmeter or strip chart recorder or a commercial available AD converter card for your computer.